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The Junior Course is a 21-week programme for officers of the rank of Captain in the Army and equivalent in the other 2 Services. The Course is run twice a year and is aimed at preparing officers for command and Grade 3 staff appointments. Students of the Junior Course undertake study tours to selected formations of the 3 Services.

Specifically, visits are conducted to the Nigerian Army School of Armour in Bauchi, the Nigerian Army School of Engineers, Makurdi and the Nigerian Army School of Artillery in Kontagora. The Nigerian Navy Bases either in Calabar, Port Harcourt or Warri, and the Nigerian Air Force Base in Kaduna are also visited These visits enable the students to experience the practical application of the weapons and equipment that are available in the country’s Armed Services. The junior course also benefits from lectures in geo-political and strategic studies, which are coordinated by the Department of Joint Studies.

The Junior Course is in 2 broad categories;
The tri-service and
single Service.

The breakdown of the overall syllabus reflecting the tri-Service and departmental packages is as follows:


General Outlook


Total number of weeks 21 weeks.
Period per week 30 periods.
Total number of periods (21 weeks) - 630 periods.
Total teaching periods 502 periods.
Mid term break 30 periods.
IPS, public holidays etc 17 periods.
Total tri-Service periods 334 periods.
Total single Service periods 330 periods.
Number of terms 2 terms.

Tri-Service Packages.

(1)     Staff Functions.
   Routine Staff Work 110 periods.
  Communication Skills   13 periods.
  Operational Staff Work 18 periods.
  Managerial Staff Work 18 periods.
(2)     Professional Development  117 periods.
(3)     General Studies 24 periods.
(4)     Total   297 periods.


Single Service Packages (DLW)

(1) Operational Staff Work 68 periods.
(2) Professional Development  158 periods.
(3) Total  226 periods.

Single Service Packages (DMW)

(1) Operational Staff Work             65 periods.
(2) Professional Development 160 periods.
(3) Total    225 periods.

Single Service Packages (DAW).

(1) Operational Staff Work           111 periods.
(2) Professional Development 114 periods.
(3) Total    225 periods.

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